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What to Expect from Your Nursing Simulation Lab

Posted on May 9,2017 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Perhaps the single most critical element of the Roseman University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing (ABSN) program is the simulation labs. Sim labs are the penultimate step that leads you to direct patient interaction, so it’s important that you get the most realistic experience you can before you get to your clinical rotations. Roseman […]

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Your Top Questions about Roseman University’s ABSN Nursing School Answered

Posted on March 7,2017 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

By Michael Makkonen, Roseman University ABSN Site Director Why should I choose Roseman University’s Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program? That’s the question you’re asking yourself as you get ready to embark on your new journey towards a career in nursing. As someone who has helped hundreds of students through Roseman University’s ABSN […]

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How to Change Your Major to Nursing Without Starting Over

Posted on February 13,2017 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Picture this: You went to college and decided on a major that was right for your future. Now, after taking those courses and gaining some real-life experience in the field, you realize this path is not the right fit for you and instead you want to become a nurse. But is it too late to […]

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5 Benefits of Choosing an Accelerated Nursing Program

Posted on January 18,2017 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Career changers everywhere are seeking accelerated nursing programs to reach the goal of becoming a nurse sooner. They’re finding that with much hard work and dedication they can complete their nursing degree in as few as 16 months. Read on to learn about the additional benefits of an accelerated nursing program, and discover how Roseman […]

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How Hard is Accelerated Nursing School?

Posted on September 21,2016 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

It is hands down the most common question asked by potential nursing students – How hard is accelerated nursing school? More and more people are looking to a career in healthcare as the demand for nurses increases. But between finding the right school, applying, being accepted, completing prerequisites, and getting licensed after graduation, the process […]

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What You Need to Know About Nurse Licensure Compact States

Posted on July 20,2016 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

There are several public-facing professions, with nursing being one of them, that require governmental licensure to be able to practice the occupation. While pilots, physicians, and lawyers are also among these professions, nursing is one of the largest group of licensed professionals in the United States. Because most people can’t discern between a qualified and […]

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Can you handle working while in nursing school?

Can You Handle Working While in Nursing School? [Quiz]

Posted on August 26,2015 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Success as a nursing student requires dedication to your studies. However, many nursing students must continue working while in nursing school. Balancing a job and your nursing education can be difficult, but with the right job, some organization, and dedication, it can be done. Find the Best Job First, try to determine what kind of […]

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Taking Online Nursing Classes

Taking Nursing Classes Online: Understanding the Virtual Classroom

Posted on July 15,2015 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

For many, the idea of taking nursing classes online may seem counter-intuitive, perhaps even illogical. After all, nursing classes contain complex information, which may need more explanation than you think you can receive in a digital classroom. Online learning can seem restrictive, limiting your ability to learn the material necessary to become a great BSN-educated […]

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Roseman University's Mastery Learning Model

Roseman University’s Mastery Learning Model

Posted on June 17,2015 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

The journey to becoming a nurse is a difficult, although rewarding, one. From the moment you decide to pursue a career as a registered nurse, you will be researching nursing programs, trying to find one that allows you to continue your life while still pursuing your dreams. The key to becoming a great nurse is […]

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Nursing and Nursing School Vocabulary

Nursing and Nursing School Vocabulary Essentials

Posted on June 10,2015 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Written By: Laura McPherson, Whether you are entering a traditional or accelerated nursing program, there is much to learn, not only about the practice of nursing, but the terminology of nursing and medicine. Although the terminology is just one part of successful communication in the health care environment, familiarizing yourself with nursing vocabulary is […]

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