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South Jordan offers a family-friendly setting for relocation to Utah for Roseman's ABSN program.

Relocating for Nursing School? Why South Jordan, Utah May Be the Right Place for You.

Posted on June 7,2017 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Roseman University’s healthcare-centric programming offers a unique opportunity for students enrolled in our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, and it all happens in one of the most beautiful gem towns in Utah. There’s so much more to South Jordan (“SoJo” to the locals) than its Salt Lake City suburb status, and its […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Becoming a Nurse at Roseman University

Posted on April 26,2017 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Every nursing graduate will give you a different one-word descriptor of their nursing school experience, from “exciting” to “challenging” to “fascinating.” Every student goes through the ups and downs of becoming a nurse, traversing from that first day of overwhelming newness to the final step of taking your NCLEX with confidence. We interviewed some of […]

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Nursing Shortage in California: How Leaving Cali Can Actually Help

Posted on November 23,2016 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

You probably read the title and wondered how leaving California would help its shortage. It’s an interesting phenomenon. With fewer nurse educators to teach in the classroom and in the field, qualified nursing students in California remain just that. So how do California residents get into the nursing field? They could wait to be admitted […]

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How Hard is Accelerated Nursing School?

Posted on September 21,2016 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

It is hands down the most common question asked by potential nursing students – How hard is accelerated nursing school? More and more people are looking to a career in healthcare as the demand for nurses increases. But between finding the right school, applying, being accepted, completing prerequisites, and getting licensed after graduation, the process […]

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What You Need to Know About Nurse Licensure Compact States

Posted on July 20,2016 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

There are several public-facing professions, with nursing being one of them, that require governmental licensure to be able to practice the occupation. While pilots, physicians, and lawyers are also among these professions, nursing is one of the largest group of licensed professionals in the United States. Because most people can’t discern between a qualified and […]

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Going to Nursing School in Salt Lake City

Going to Nursing School in Salt Lake City: What’s It Really Like?

Posted on April 20,2016 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Roseman University’s nursing schools near Salt Lake City and Las Vegas both offer an accelerated BSN program. While most people have heard of Las Vegas, many people don’t know how great of a place Salt Lake City is to live, work, and learn. Let’s explore why Salt Lake City is a great place to be an […]

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Roseman University's Mastery Learning Model

Roseman University’s Mastery Learning Model

Posted on June 17,2015 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

The journey to becoming a nurse is a difficult, although rewarding, one. From the moment you decide to pursue a career as a registered nurse, you will be researching nursing programs, trying to find one that allows you to continue your life while still pursuing your dreams. The key to becoming a great nurse is […]

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No Waitlist Nursing School in Utah for Students Stuck on a Waitlist

No Waitlist Nursing School in Utah for Students Stuck on a Waitlist

Posted on May 20,2015 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Responding to the demand for more baccalaureate-educated nurses by 2020, there is a growing number of students applying to nursing schools. However, nursing programs’ capacity to be able to accept a larger number of students is not growing as quickly, leading to a rise in the number of nursing schools with a waitlist. So if […]

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How to Survive Accelerated Nursing School

Posted on November 19,2014 by Roseman University Accelerated Nursing

Going back to school to earn your accelerated bsn online degree requires a lot of work on your part, which leaves many new nursing students asking how to survive accelerated nursing school. You must complete all necessary prerequisite classes before you even begin your nursing courses, and then you enter into the entirely new realm of nursing school. […]

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