VBSN Admissions Pathway

Limited to the Nevada campus, our VBSN admissions pathway helps streamline a veteran’s transition into nursing. In fact, we are one of the few universities to offer former military personnel unique entry into an accelerated nursing program.

Through the pathway, veterans have the opportunity to receive credit for their military training. We look to see if their experiences satisfy any of the accelerated BSN prerequisites. Those with a military healthcare specialist rating also have the opportunity to test out of certain accelerated BSN program curricula.

VBSN Requirements

To be eligible for the Veteran to BSN admissions pathway, you must:

VBSN Support

Our accelerated BSN program admissions advisors are trained on how to support veterans who’ve decided to make the transition from a military to a nursing career. These advisors can determine what coursework and military experience are eligible for credit transfer as well as create a seamless application experience for qualified individuals. Veterans accepted into the accelerated BSN program in Nevada also have access to an academic success coach and faculty who understand the importance of military training.

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