5 Movies That Should Have Featured a Nurse

Movies that should have featured a nurseHow does a hard-working nursing student stay motivated and relaxed during the first days of a new semester? Allow us to suggest a cozy theater, a giant tub of fake-buttered popcorn and a couple stress-free hours of cinematic escape.

Which got us thinking… what kind of relationship has nursing had with the big screen over the years? Considering that images such as evil Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), mallet-wielding “nurse” Annie (Misery) and the leering Joker in nurse’s clothing (Batman Begins) have become pop culture icons, there appears to be no love lost between Hollywood and the nursing profession. Sure, some movie nurses are more likeable—think Madame Pomfrey and Gaylord Focker— but we’d argue that Hollywood has missed some obvious opportunities to do nurses a good turn.

Imagine, for instance, how these famous screen stories might have played out differently with the help of a good nurse:

  • Rocky: Rocky Balboa takes quite a beating from Apollo Creed in their climactic 15-round boxing match. But what if there had been a trauma nurse on hand to clean him up between rounds, maybe treat that nasty blow to the eye? Rocky could have thrown the knockout punch early on, claimed the heavyweight title for his own, and lived happily ever after with Adrian. But yo— then the world might have missed out on Mr. T.
  • Backdraft: Is there a burn nurse in the house? While the movie manages to be uplifting despite many key characters dying in blazing infernos, we think a nurse would have been a smart addition to Company 17 and could have saved the unit some hiring expense.
  • Titanic: We all know nurses have good heads on their shoulders and nerves of steel in emergency situations. So we’re betting a few nurses could have efficiently organized that whole lifeboat evacuation thing in a flash, saving a lot of plunges into the icy Atlantic. Of course, most nurses would have discouraged “flying” off the bow of the ship, too. You can’t have it all.
  • Gone With the Wind: Given the number of tragic demises in this movie, we gotta think Scarlett would have been better off choosing a nice, sensible nurse as her travel buddy rather than goody-two-shoes Melanie.  Would she still have lost both parents, two husbands, two children and her only friend? Frankly, we think not.
  • Bambi: C’mon, you knew it was coming. The meadow, the hunters… need we say more? Certainly a nurse’s lifesaving techniques could have spared Bambi much grief—and millions of parents and children many tissues.

Have your own thoughts on which movies could have used a nurse? Share them with us! If you’re ready to get started on becoming a nurse in our accelerated nursing program in Nevada, contact us today!

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