6 Free TEAS Practice Tests and How to Prepare

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), previously known as the TEAS V, is a comprehensive assessment designed to measure the academic preparedness of nursing program candidates. Administered by ATI Nursing Education, the multiple-choice test is proven to be a statistically significant indicator of prospective nursing students’ success. Below you’ll find a host of information, tips, and free TEAS Practice Tests to help you do well on the ATI TEAS.

A good way to identify your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses as it relates to the ATI TEAS is to understand the test format and areas you’ll be tested on. It’s important that you brush up on your basic (9-12 grade) reading, math, science, English and language skills and take a practice test or two (or 10). It’s also a good idea to time yourself since the actual exam is timed.

6 Free TEAS Practice Tests and How to Prepare

If you’ve been preparing for the TEAS V test, now is a good time to switch gears and start preparing for the new-and-improved ATI TEAS.

Prepare for the New-and-Improved TEAS Test

The ATI TEAS, the sixth edition of the test, was launched on August 31, 2016, meaning students will need to adjust their study guides to accommodate the new test format. Aside from the 20 unscored pretest questions you will complete, the test has 170 questions that you will have 209 minutes to complete. You won’t know which of the questions are scored or unscored, so approach every question with equal effort. Before diving into the practice tests, familiarize yourself with the ATI TEAS format, which consists of these four sections:

  • Reading: Accounting for 31% of the test, the ATI TEAS reading section has 53 questions (up from 48 questions in the TEAS V), and you have 64 minutes to complete it. The questions will focus on reading comprehension concepts such as key ideas and details, craft and structure, and the integration of knowledge and ideas.
  • Math: A total of 36 questions (down from 37 questions in the TEAS V) in the TEAS math section represents 22% of the test. You will be given 54 minutes to complete this section – so be sure to brush up on your algebra, measuring and data processing.
  • Science: You will have 63 minutes to answer 53 science-related questions (down from 54 questions in the TEAS V). Accounting for 31% of the test, this section is usually the hardest for those who struggle with subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, live and physical science, and scientific reasoning.
  • English: The last section consists of 28 questions (down from 34 questions in the TEAS V) and makes up the remaining 16% of the test. You will be given 28 minutes to demonstrate your knowledge of the language, vocabulary, and Standard English conventions.

How You’ll Be Scored

On the ATI TEAS, each individual content area will be scored as well as the overall test. You will then be placed on one of the following scales based on your test results (ranked lowest to highest):

  • Developmental: you need vast improvement prior to entering nursing school
  • Basic: you need minor improvement prior to entering nursing school
  • Proficient: you are ready for nursing school
  • Advanced: you will most likely do well in nursing school
  • Exemplary: you will have little to no trouble earning a nursing degree

To score your highest on the ATI TEAS, work backward from the date you intend to start your program and give yourself time to adequately prepare. This test covers quite a bit of information that is easy to forget as time passes. Consider getting an ATI TEAS study guide; once you feel ready, begin taking practice tests to prepare for test day.

Familiarize Yourself With Each Section with these Free TEAS Practice Tests

Now that you’re up to speed on what to expect on the ATI TEAS, check out these practice tests and resources to help you prepare:

  1. Practice test in four corresponding sections: In this practice test, sections are divided up according to the sections on the real test. Each section is taken separately, allowing you to practice the subjects most important to you. Also, you’ll find prep courses, study guides, and a test overview. View the test here.
  1. Test questions in small increments: Provided by teas6practicetest.com, this practice test mimics the content areas of each section of the ATI TEAS. Questions are given in increments of 10, making it a good tool for familiarizing yourself with the types of questions you might see. View the test here.
  1. Practice test sections in full length: This practice test is also broken into the sections covered on the actual test. Each section has the same amount of questions as the sections on the ATI® TEAS. View the test here.
  1. 30-Question Quick Topic Overview:com offers each section in a one lump 30-question test. You will get the flavor of the types of questions that will be in each section of the real test; however, this test is not formatted like the actual TEAS exam. View the test here.
  1. Topical Review Sections for the TEAS: Sample questions for each of the topics covered can be found on TestPrepPreview.com. The format of this test is unconventional, but it’s a good resource for studying a certain TEAS topic.View it here.
  1. Mobile Test Prep Questions through Pocket Prep App for iPhone & Android: Use this app to study all the content areas (English and Language, Mathematics, Science, Reading) from anywhere. You can get started with the free version that offers 74 questions and detailed answer explanations. Once you have a feel for the app, you can upgrade to access more study questions and tools. View the app details here.

Roseman University’s accelerated nursing programs in Utah and Nevada require the ATI TEAS for the admissions process. Though our minimum requirement is a 58.7% overall score, the average overall score of students offered admission (of our Nevada and Utah campuses combined) is 80%.

If you’re seeking more help and advice on the TEAS, tips on registering for the TEAS and other free TEAS advice can be found on our ABSN blog. You can also contact us today to get information about our 16-month accelerated nursing program.

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