Marketer to Nurse in 16 Months: 7 Ways to Use Your Marketing Background as a Nurse

At Roseman University, we have students from all walks of life come into our program. If you work in marketing and wonder if you could make the jump to a nursing career, read on. You might be surprised just how many skills can translate from your  desk job to the hospital floor, giving you an edge as you navigate your new career in nursing.

Read below for 7 ways you will put your marketing skills to use in Roseman University’s 16-month accelerated nursing program:

  1. Know your audience. Just as any good marketing strategy takes into account the needs and preferences of the target audience or consumer, in order to provide extraordinary patient care as a nurse you should know as much as you possibly can about your patients – from their medical history to their favorite flavor of hospital cafeteria Jell-O.
  2. Have a plan. Just as you would prepare a strategic plan for a new ad campaign— including tactics, key metrics, and budgets – as a nurse you’ll need to be able to follow, or sometimes even help to create, patient care plans.
  3. Data, data, data.  As a nurse, you’ll put your analytical skills to use monitoring your patient’s progress and responsiveness to treatment just as closely as you monitor your leads and conversions during a new marketing campaign, so you’ll be able to make adjustments as necessary.
  4. Adapt quickly. Like the marketplace, the hospital setting is constantly changing, from the dynamic health of patients to new innovations in treatment in technology. As a nurse it’s important that you adapt quickly to changes. This might mean altering a patient’s treatment plan or keeping your skills up-to-date with latest technologies and procedures.
  5. Stay up to date on new technologies and trends. In both marketing and medicine, it’s important to keep your ear to the ground, scanning for the latest and greatest technologies that can improve your performance and services, keeping you ahead of the competition. It’s also critical that you monitor societal trends that may affect your patients, such as rates of obesity and diabetes.
  6. Manage resources efficiently. Every professional is faced with resource constraints. Whether you’re monitoring gauze and pints of blood or printer ink and pay-per-click spending, both hospitals and marketing departments have to stick to a budget.
  7. Get creative. In a hospital setting, things don’t always go according to plan. You might have to improvise with your resources or in the way that you explain things to your target audience (patients). There will be plenty of opportunities to unleash your creative self as a nurse.

What are some other ways you can apply your marketing background to a new career in nursing? Let us know in the comments below.

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