The Adventure of Relocating to a Nevada Nursing School

relocating to a Nevada nursing school

Last month, we discussed why moving to Las Vegas for nursing school is a great idea! Still, the thought of packing everything up to enroll in our accelerated nursing program in Las Vegas might sound overwhelming. You may love your home or wish to stay close to family. Or maybe the cost of relocating appears out of reach. These are all  good reasons to think carefully about whether or not to relocate for nursing school, but we encourage you to look at it as an adventure. That’s right! Even as an adult, you can get out there and feed your need for exploration while becoming a nurse.

Get your camera ready

There’s a lot more than casinos in Vegas. In our previous blog post about moving to Las Vegas, we discussed all of the activities you can take part in while living in the area. Las Vegas offers a great mix of city living and outdoor fun. This makes the move to Las Vegas truly an adventure because you’ll get to experience art galleries, shops and restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else in the world in the Arts District and see shows that you can’t attend elsewhere at the Smith Center for Performing Arts. You can also enjoy the sunshine and get outside for some mountain biking, skiing or a visit to the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. Pull out your camera and take it all in. If you use your free time wisely, the 16 months you’re in the Las Vegas area can be like a long trip of site seeing when you aren’t studying or in clinicals.

Meet a new group of people

While it’s hard to leave friends and family behind and relocate to an unfamiliar area, it can also be beneficial. An article on Education Space 360 states, “Going to an out-of-state school can be a great opportunity for some students to depart from their comfort zone and leave behind that which has been familiar for a long time.” That opportunity is definitely an adventure. Leaving the familiarity of your home can help you strive to build a support network, which in turn will help you in your career since you’ll know more people in the industry than if you’d clung to the friends you’ve had all along. Also, never underestimate the importance of fully immersing yourself in nursing school. At home, you may be distracted by family obligations or friend outings. If you relocate to a new place, those distractions are few and far between and nursing school truly becomes your focus.

Make lasting memories

The 16 months you spend in nursing school at Roseman University will be life-defining for you. Whether you decide to stay in Nevada after graduating or not, the area where you learned to become a nurse will hold a special place in your heart. Relocating to a city where you’ll focus on nursing school will help you make memories that you can always look back on as a special time in your life. You’ll have moments to pull on when you have days where you wonder why you chose nursing. Leaving a place where you’re comfortable allows you to build memories not rooted in your past while in nursing school, truly allowing you to move forward in your life and career.

Get started on your adventure today. At Roseman University, our accredited nursing program in Nevada has three start dates and no wait lists! Contact us today or learn more about Roseman’s admissions process by downloading our free ABSN roadmap.

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