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How to Change Your Major to Nursing Without Starting Over

Posted on February 13,2017 by Roseman University ABSN

Picture this: You went to college and decided on a major that was right for your future. Now, after taking those courses and gaining some real-life experience in the field, you realize this path is not the right fit for you and instead you want to become a nurse. But is it too late to […]

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No Waitlist Gets Student Moving on BSN Degree

Posted on June 16,2016 by Roseman University ABSN

When it came to selecting an accelerated nursing program in California, Shaun R., a former economics professional, couldn’t find a school in his home state that was able to supply him with the fast, quality education he demanded. He even applied to schools throughout the state, only to sit idle on several waiting lists. Anxious […]

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Why a Second Degree BSN is a Doable Career Do-over

Posted on March 16,2016 by Roseman University ABSN

If you have wanted to make a career change to nursing but are afraid it is too big of a step, don’t give up on your goals yet. In today’s world, earning a second degree BSN has never been quicker, and nurses have never been more in-demand.  Your career do-over is completely doable. With an […]

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Your Nursing Career Path: How to Advance Your Career with an ABSN

Posted on January 27,2016 by Roseman University ABSN

You love working the health care field. You’re passionate about what you do, you’re always looking for more responsibility and more ways to help people, so you want to branch out with nursing career… you’re just not sure how to do it. Don’t worry! You’re not the first health care professional with nursing aspirations. Why […]

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Nursing is an Ideal Career Alternative for Teachers

Posted on November 11,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Nursing is an enticing career, defined by helping others, job security, and growing demand. As an influential career alternative for teachers, many are noticing these qualities and are giving this profession a closer look as a second career. Nursing holds a similar skill set to teaching, from impacting lives to providing individuals feedback for development, […]

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How to Change My Major to Nursing without Adding 4 Years

How to Change My Major to Nursing Without Adding Four Years

Posted on September 9,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Picture this: You are a recent graduate preparing to enter the real world with a degree you do not wish to pursue. A degree in nursing has crossed your mind several times, and you finally decide to take action. Now you find yourself thinking “should I change my major to nursing?” You are confused, have […]

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How to Become a Nurse With a Psychology Degree

How to Become a Nurse With a Psychology Degree

Posted on May 6,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Psychology is a fascinating field of study, and the study of the human mind and behavior is relevant and useful in almost any profession. But in today’s economy, it can be difficult to find work that puts your psychology degree to work. If you are a recent college grad with a degree in psychology, you […]

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3 Nursing School Tips for Success

3 Nursing School Tips for Success I Wish I Had Been Given

Posted on February 4,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Today our guest blogger shares the three nursing school tips for success she wishes she had been given during her time in nursing school and in her nursing career. At some point in every professional’s life, he or she has wished they had been given key points of critical advice pertaining to his or her […]

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6 Ways to Avoid Nursing Burnout

Posted on July 23,2014 by Roseman University ABSN

Today, guest blogger and nurse Mary Anderson shares her experiences to help future nurses avoid burnout in their nursing careers. Just like any other career path, there is a time in many nurses’ lives when they become burnt out. Let’s face it, nursing is constantly changing and the added demands can be difficult to embrace. […]

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The Hidden Treasures of Nursing

Posted on May 21,2014 by Roseman University ABSN

This is a guest post from our new blogger, nurse Mary Anderson. Check back for more insight from Mary in the future. Being a nurse has it days of triumphs and challenges. Some days I want to pull my hair out, but most days I love my job. Fortunately, after years of sacrificing our social […]

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