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Relocating to the Las Vegas Area for Nursing School

Posted on July 17,2017 by Roseman University ABSN

Las Vegas is known as one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, bringing millions of thrill-seeking visitors to enjoy its many lights, sounds, and flavors. And right down the road in Henderson, Nevada, Roseman University is taking advantage of this high patient diversity and using it to graduate highly skilled BSN-educated nurses in […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Becoming a Nurse at Roseman University

Posted on April 26,2017 by Roseman University ABSN

Every nursing graduate will give you a different one-word descriptor of their nursing school experience, from “exciting” to “challenging” to “fascinating.” Every student goes through the ups and downs of becoming a nurse, traversing from that first day of overwhelming newness to the final step of taking your NCLEX with confidence. We interviewed some of […]

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Nursing Shortage in California: How Leaving Cali Can Actually Help

Posted on November 23,2016 by Roseman University ABSN

You probably read the title and wondered how leaving California would help its shortage. It’s an interesting phenomenon. With fewer nurse educators to teach in the classroom and in the field, qualified nursing students in California remain just that. So how do California residents get into the nursing field? They could wait to be admitted […]

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No Waitlist Gets Student Moving on BSN Degree

Posted on June 16,2016 by Roseman University ABSN

When it came to selecting an accelerated nursing program in California, Shaun R., a former economics professional, couldn’t find a school in his home state that was able to supply him with the fast, quality education he demanded. He even applied to schools throughout the state, only to sit idle on several waiting lists. Anxious […]

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Why You Should Consider Relocating to Las Vegas for Nursing School

Posted on October 8,2014 by Roseman University ABSN

You’ve made the decision to go back to school to become a nurse. You’ve been researching schools. Maybe you’ve even been taking prerequisite classes at a nearby college. But have you considered relocating for your BSN education? Especially if you’re on a wait list in California, maybe you should. We have five reasons why you […]

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Creating a Budget for Nursing School in Nevada

Posted on September 10,2014 by Roseman University ABSN

While you are taking classes, practicing your nursing skills and working towards your nursing career, you may find that an accelerated nursing program demands total concentration and allows for very little time to work. Even if you do end up working while in nursing school, you’ll have to keep your budget tight. While your nursing […]

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relocating to a Nevada nursing school

The Adventure of Relocating to a Nevada Nursing School

Posted on January 21,2014 by Roseman University ABSN

Last month, we discussed why moving to Las Vegas for nursing school is a great idea! Still, the thought of packing everything up to enroll in our accelerated nursing program in Las Vegas might sound overwhelming. You may love your home or wish to stay close to family. Or maybe the cost of relocating appears […]

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Profile of an Accelerated Nursing Student in Las Vegas

Profile of an Accelerated Nursing Student in Las Vegas [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on December 10,2013 by Roseman University ABSN

When you’re a first-time college student, it’s normal to assume that the majority of your classmates will fit into a certain demographic profile. Most traditional freshman are in their late teens and hail from a geographical area in relative proximity to the institution you’re attending. But when you go back to school for another degree, […]

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reasons to move to las vegas for nursing school

3 Reasons to Move to Las Vegas for Nursing School

Posted on December 3,2013 by Roseman University ABSN

Last month on the blog, we talked about why a prospective nursing student in California should consider attending a Las Vegas nursing school like Roseman University. What we didn’t talk about was the city of Las Vegas and why it’s a great place to go to nursing school. Roseman’s campus is located in Henderson, Nevada’s […]

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benefits of accelerated nursing in las vegas

3 Benefits of Earning an Accelerated Nursing Degree in Las Vegas

Posted on November 15,2013 by Roseman University ABSN

We’re thrilled that you’re considering a bachelor’s degree in nursing and hope you find that Roseman University’s accelerated nursing program in Las Vegas is just the place to do it. Many of our students come to us from out of state and have discovered the benefits of earning a nursing degree in Las Vegas. Here […]

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