How to Survive Accelerated Nursing School

Going back to school to earn your accelerated bsn online degree requires a lot of work on your part, which leaves many new nursing students asking how to survive accelerated nursing school. You must complete all necessary prerequisite classes before you even begin your nursing courses, and then you enter into the entirely new realm of nursing school.

While in school, you will be working hard during your online courses, spending plenty of hours in your simulation labs and clinical placements and studying endlessly for exams. While you may have the dedication to successfully complete nursing school, you will need a nursing school support system you can get to survive accelerated nursing school.


Family: The Foundation to Surviving Accelerated Nursing School

Whether you are married with children, living with your significant other or just out of college and at home with Mom and Dad, your family’s support can make or break you.

Because of the time commitment required to return to school, you will need help balancing school with life’s other demands. If you’re living with your significant other, he or she may need to take on some extra duties around the house. If you’re still living with your parents, then they will need to understand the demands of your new education schedule and be flexible.

Even if you aren’t living with your family, you will still want their support. Many people turn to their family members when they are under stress. You’ll want to be able to turn to your parents, siblings, spouse or children whenever you have a difficult day that you need to vent about.

It may be hard for family members to understand why you would want to go back to earn a second bachelor’s degree. To prepare them, let your family know right away once you start thinking of earning your BSN. They will have plenty of questions for you, some of which you may not yet have considered. Once you answer these questions, everybody will feel more at ease about you returning to school.

Friends: The Cheering Section when You Need it Most 

Going back to school to earn your BSN in an accelerated program is not like your first time through college. While you may have had more time to have fun in college the first time around, your accelerated nursing program will likely be more demanding because of the compressed timeframe. You will have time to have a social life, but not like you did in college. A lot of your time will be spent studying for exams, taking online courses or attending simulation labs and clinicals. And while you may have time to grab dinner with your friends every so often, your social life will take a small hit. Even after you become a nurse, you will be working odd 12-hour shifts a couple of days a week. So while your friends may want you to come out on a Friday night, they may have to settle for a Sunday lunch instead.

Not only will your friends need to understand that your schedule is changing, but you will need their emotional support as well. You are going through a big life change, and it won’t be easy. It will be easier on you if your friends are supportive of your decision and can listen to you vent on your difficult days in nursing school and once you start working.

Your Current Boss and Other Professional Relationships

Whether you have a great relationship or a traditional relationship with your current boss, you should be careful about approaching the subject of returning to school. You don’t want to have to give up your position before you are ready to return to school, so you should time the discussion properly.

If you have a more friendly or comfortable relationship with your boss, let him or her know as soon as you’ve made the decision to return to school. You will have plenty of time to help your boss find a replacement, including interviewing and training. This will make the transition easier on both you and your boss. After all, you don’t want to burn any bridges by abandoning your boss with almost no notice.

Letting your boss know as soon as possible that you are going back to school may also allow you to continue working right up until the moment you have to switch your focus to school.

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