Getting into Nursing School Because of an Admissions Advisor

Posted on December 9,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Megan, a Roseman Accelerated BSN Admissions Advisor, shares how she helped one student go from being unsure of herself to getting into nursing school to walking across the stage and receiving the President’s Award for Demonstrated Leadership as a Student Nurse at graduation. Education has been my passion since childhood. Enthralled with learning, I would […]

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Improve Your Average GPA for Nursing School – Ace Your Prereqs

Posted on November 18,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

When it comes to being a great candidate for nursing school, many students disqualify themselves because their average GPA for nursing school doesn’t quite meet the school’s minimum requirements. What they don’t realize is that they can use ABSN prerequisite courses to improve their GPA to make themselves better nursing school candidates. Why Prerequisites Are […]

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Nursing is an Ideal Career Alternative for Teachers

Posted on November 11,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Nursing is an enticing career, defined by helping others, job security, and growing demand. As an influential career alternative for teachers, many are noticing these qualities and are giving this profession a closer look as a second career. Nursing holds a similar skill set to teaching, from impacting lives to providing individuals feedback for development, […]

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The Secret to Getting into Nursing School with a Lower GPA

Posted on October 14,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

While the title “Admissions Advisor” technically describes what they do, it doesn’t tell even part of the story of the Admission Advisor’s value to prospective students. Many times, the involvement of a dedicated ABSN Admissions Advisor, like Kandi Brown, makes the crucial difference for applicants when getting into nursing school with a lower GPA. What […]

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Benefits of Online Nursing Degrees for Non-Nurses

What are the Benefits of Online Nursing Degrees for Non-Nurses?

Posted on October 7,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Online learning has advanced a lot in recent years, but you still may be wondering if it really works. Can I really learn at home and still be able to parent my children and be there for my spouse? Before committing to online learning and searching for online nursing degrees for non-nurses, here’s what you […]

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"Just a Nurse" Miss Colorado Rocks the Pageant World with this Monologue

“Just a Nurse” Miss Colorado Rocks the Pageant World with Monologue

Posted on September 23,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

When people think of Miss America they usually think of women in beautiful gowns walking on a brightly lit stage. Usually these women will sing, dance, or a play an instrument. But on September 13, 2015, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson defied stereotypes when she donned her scrubs and stethoscope to deliver a powerful monologue about being […]

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How to Change My Major to Nursing without Adding 4 Years

How to Change My Major to Nursing Without Adding Four Years

Posted on September 9,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Picture this: You are a recent graduate preparing to enter the real world with a degree you do not wish to pursue. A degree in nursing has crossed your mind several times, and you finally decide to take action. Now you find yourself thinking “should I change my major to nursing?” You are confused, have […]

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Can you handle working while in nursing school?

Can You Handle Working While in Nursing School? [Quiz]

Posted on August 26,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Success as a nursing student requires dedication to your studies. However, many nursing students must continue working while in nursing school. Balancing a job and your nursing education can be difficult, but with the right job, some organization, and dedication, it can be done. Find the Best Job First, try to determine what kind of […]

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Advantages of Online Nursing Classes

4 Advantages of Online Nursing Classes

Posted on August 12,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Changing careers is a big step, especially when you are looking to enter a completely unrelated field from the one you are already in. However, sometimes you just know you are meant to be doing something more meaningful in your career. This factor- the ability to make a difference every day- is what leads many […]

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Nurses that work with babies

Which One of These 5 Nurses that Work with Babies are You?

Posted on July 29,2015 by Roseman University ABSN

Are you passionate about becoming a nurse and want to work with children? Becoming a nurse that works with babies is an admirable career path. And you actually have several specialties you can go into. Read a brief description of each nursing specialty available for anyone with an accelerated BSN degree, then take the quiz […]

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