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Passing the TEAS is a vital step in the application process for nursing school. While not all nursing schools require students to pass the Test for Essential Academic Skills, some, including Roseman University, do. As part of the admissions application, students are expected to complete the TEAS within the prior 12 months. A passing score is necessary in order to qualify for Roseman’s accelerated nursing program in Utah or Nevada.

Free TEAS Practice Questions

Take a look at these Roseman flashcards, which offer you an idea of what you can expect from the Test of Essential Academic Skills. These flashcards, along with other practice tests, can help you create a study plan and ace the big test.

Question 1:


Technology is rapidly expanding the scope of capabilities for both professional and personal use; such is the case with smart phones. Professionals now have devices available to them capable of digital media, internet access, phone communication, multi-person scheduling and office tools for documents and presentations. Businesspeople that are often mobile may maximize the use of these critical features on smart phones. Individuals who simply enjoy the luxury of multi-function devices often use these devices for frivolous pursuits such as downloading catchy ring tones, instant messaging about the latest gossip and looking up the world record for most cans crushed on one’s head during the Superbowl. This fusion of capabilities and increased availability of such devices could be a sign of a growing blend in society between work and personal life, or individuals could simply be taking a luxurious approach to their connectivity in personal lives.

What is the purpose of the conclusion sentence?


Question 2:


Greek mythology is a vehicle that uses mythological characters and creatures to teach people about the dangers, beauties and possible outcomes of life. In many myths, characters face moral dilemmas involving honor and practicality. The protagonists of epics face creatures that represent values and challenges such as respect, temptation and redemption. How has Greek mythology inevitably evolved with time and new story tellers? Scholars that have interpreted Greek mythology seek to maintain the universal values conveyed in these stories, while ensuring the validity of adapting these stories to their own distinct cultures. It is up to each reader to seek their own truths and learn from epic Greek mythology as best they can.

According to the author’s description, which of the following is most likely to be a message from Greek mythology?


Question 3:


The bouncer’s countenance discouraged brawls. Countenance means…


Question 4:


If “x” is equal to 6, what is the value of the following expression? y = 2x + 9x + 3


Question 5:


If you join all of the vertices of a heptagon, how many quadrilaterals will you get?


Question 6:


What is responsible for causing tides on our planet?


Question 7:


Restaurant customers tip their server only 8 percent for poor service. If their tip was $3.70, how much was their bill?


Question 8:


The symbol B on the periodic table stands for:


Question 9:


What vitamin is synthesized within the human body?


Question 10:


Of the four sentences listed below, which is the best example of a compound sentence?


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Take a look at these 12 free TEAS practice tests for more help preparing for the TEAS exam.

Because the TEAS is a vital aspect of your acceptance into nursing school, it’s important to learn everything you can about the exam.

What is the TEAS?

The TEAS, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, is an exam administered by ATI Nursing Education. The TEAS, combined with other admissions criteria such as official transcripts, help the admissions team determine a potential student’s ability to succeed in nursing school.

The TEAS consists of 170 questions, all of which measure a student’s ability to adapt to rigorous nursing programs. Students are tested on reading, math, science, and English, and language usage. The TEAS questions are aimed specifically at determining the ability of nursing students.

  • Reading– The reading portion of the TEAS consists of 48 questions, which focus on reading comprehension. There are also questions regarding maps, labels, and measuring tools.
  • Math– Students must complete 37 questions within the math section, which focuses on algebra, measuring, and data processing.
  • Science– The science portion has 54 questions. This section emphasizes live sciences, the human body, scientific reasoning, and physical and earth sciences.
  • English- The English section of the TEAS has 34 questions. This portion focuses on language comprehension and usage, such as punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Who takes the TEAS?

While not all nursing schools require students to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills, Roseman University Accelerated BSN students are expected to pass the TEAS prior to beginning the ABSN program.

Why take the TEAS?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a rigorous exam, but so is nursing school.

While Roseman University endeavors to help all of our students succeed through the Mastery Learning Model, it is vital that a student be able to handle the demands of nursing school. Accelerated BSN students are expected to complete 15 nursing courses, all of which are meant to teach the fundamentals of nursing. Additionally, students will be completing hands-on work in simulation labs, as well as clinical rotations at top hospitals.

How does the TEAS help?

Roseman makes the success of our nursing students a priority. Combined with the Roseman University Mastery Learning Model, the TEAS helps ensure our students are a success in nursing school.

Because the Test of Essential Academic Skills determines a student’s ability to do well in nursing school, Roseman is able to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as help determine which students will be able to succeed in nursing school in general.

An important aspect of the Mastery Learning Model is the focus on outcomes-based education. Your success won’t be measured by that of your fellow classmates- instead, each student is evaluated individually. Additionally, your professors and lab instructors base the curriculum on skills, knowledge, and behaviors vital to your success. Roseman holds our students to high standards, and the TEAS plays an important role in this.

Free TEAS Practice Tests

Get more practice with these free TEAS practice tests.

How do I study for the TEAS?

Passing the TEAS can make the difference between attending your first-choice nursing school and attending a school that perhaps doesn’t meet all of your personal requirements. As such, it is important to take the TEAS very seriously.

Create a Study Plan

Before you take the Test of Essential Academic Skills, you should create a study plan. Once you schedule your TEAS, count back the weeks on your calendar and schedule some time for a couple of days each week to study. When you get closer to the exam, make sure you schedule time to review on a daily basis.

Consider your learning style when you are studying. Are you an auditory learner? See if you can find an audio version of some study guides. Do you learn better with practice? Do practice questions as you read. Ask friends or family members to quiz you as you work through your practice tests and study guides.

TEAS Practice Tests and Study Guides

There are a variety of practice tests you can take to prepare for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. Before you take the test, you should spend some time going through these practice tests and study guides. Consider going through a couple of study guides before doing practice tests. Upon completion of some practice tests, you can go back to your study guide and learn any material you feel you need to learn better.

  • ATI- ATI offers a variety of practice tests, study guides, and other review products on its website. As ATI is the administrator of the TEAS, this should be one of the first resources you use when looking for TEAS study guides practice.
  • Test-Guide offers many different practice tests for the TEAS. You can complete multiple different versions of each section- English and language usage, science, math, and reading.
  • com- This website offers practice tests for a variety of different exams, from NCLEX to the MCAT. This includes practice tests for the TEAS.
  • Union Test Prep- Union Test Prep is a great resource for study guides, as well as flashcards and practice tests.

Want to learn more about the admissions requirements for the Accelerated BSN program in Utah or Nevada? Contact an admissions advisor today. Your admissions advisor can also tell you what score you must achieve on your TEAS to qualify for the Accelerated BSN program.

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