Why a Second Degree BSN is a Doable Career Do-over

If you have wanted to make a career change to nursing but are afraid it is too big of a step, don’t give up on your goals yet. In today’s world, earning a second degree BSN has never been quicker, and nurses have never been more in-demand.

 Your career do-over is completely doable. With an Accelerated BSN (ABSN) program, becoming an RN could be only two years away. (Really!) Read on to find out why now is the perfect time to jump out of frustration and jump into a fulfilling career bursting with opportunity.

Why a Second Degree BSN is a Doable Career Do-over

You’re Burned Out at Your Job (But You Don’t Have to Be!)

People who decide to make a career change to nursing come from a variety of different backgrounds. It’s not just the CNAs, EMTs, and LPNs who want to become RNs. These days, many teachers, social workers, and psychologists feel either too burned out by their job or are looking for a career with more potential (and pay). We’ve even seen engineers and corporate managers who have changed their careers to nursing – and are thrilled that they did.

When people in non-health care professions take the leap to nursing, they find a career with nearly unlimited opportunity. They also find that they can use their skills and education to help people, and go home every day feeling like they’ve accomplished something.

Nurses Have Never Been More In-Demand

If finding a great position with job security is your goal, you’re on the right path if you’re considering becoming an RN. The country is in the midst of a widely publicized nursing shortage with no real end in sight. Hospitals and other health care facilities cannot get all of the bachelor’s-educated nurses they need. There literally aren’t enough seats in traditional BSN programs to supply the demand.

The shortage means that there is a surplus of nursing jobs, particularly for bachelor’s-educated RNs. To meet their needs, hospitals and health care facilities are offering unprecedented salaries, bonuses, and other incentives. By becoming a nurse, you’ll not only have job security – you’ll be part of the nursing shortage solution, which impacts the entire country.

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Become an RN in 2 Years with the Accelerated BSN

If you’re worried it will just take too long to become a nurse, consider the ABSN. With three start dates and experiential learning, ABSN programs can get you from your start day to your license within two years. Experiential learning includes online courses, sophisticated simulation labs, and in-hospital, hands-on education. ABSN student nurses get the same education traditional BSN students get – including those critical clinical hours – but it just takes less time. Period.

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 Don’t Do It Alone – Admissions Advisors Are Here to Help

You know you want to change your career to nursing. You know that you don’t have to spend four years in school to get your degree. You know that the nursing job market is working in your favor now (and is expected to in the future). You know that the country needs more nurses. You’ve got it – you’re ready! You want to do this!

But…where to start? That part is easy. Just contact an ABSN Admissions Advisor. She’s not just there to tell you about deadlines and forms. She’ll listen to your specific story, help you get your transcripts and prereqs in order, help you make a timeline, and just generally be there with you, every step of the way.

Our Admissions Advisors routinely take calls during off hours and on weekends if one of their prospective students needs to talk something out. So start with one of our Admissions Advisors, and take the first steps to a happier, more fulfilled you. The time has never been better!

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