Taking Nursing Classes Online: Understanding the Virtual Classroom

For many, the idea of taking nursing classes online may seem counter-intuitive, perhaps even illogical. After all, nursing classes contain complex information, which may need more explanation than you think you can receive in a digital classroom. Online learning can seem restrictive, limiting your ability to learn the material necessary to become a great BSN-educated nurse.

Although at first glance online learning may not seem like the best avenue in which to earn your Accelerated BSN degree, there are many aspects of the virtual classroom that are beneficial to many nursing students.

Taking Online Nursing Classes

Taking Nursing Classes Online

It’s easy to think of online learning as an inflexible education option that shackles you to a certain type of learning style. However, online education has advanced to a surprising degree over the last decade. And as the capabilities of online classrooms grow, so too does the number of students taking online courses. According to the 2012 Survey of Online Learning, at least 6.7 million students have taken at least one online course.

So how is it possible to earn a great nursing education in a virtual classroom?

Online Learning Offers Adaptive Learning Styles

Every student has a different learning style. Although there are many different learning styles, the three most commonly-known styles are:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic

If you don’t already know what your learning style is, look for a quiz online to find out. Understanding how you learn best is crucial to being a good student in any academic environment, whether in a traditional classroom or online.

Taking your nursing classes online means you are able to use your learning style to its full advantage.

Through Canvas, Accelerated BSN students will be able to:

  • Read through lessons
  • Listen to lectures
  • Participate in class discussions, and
  • Complete interactive simulations and lessons.

How the Online Classroom Works

When you begin taking nursing classes online, you and your classmates will log in to Canvas, the online learning platform used in Roseman’s Accelerated BSN program. Canvas contains your:

  • Syllabus
  • Grades
  • Class discussions, and
  • Lessons.

When you start your online classes, the first place to get information regarding assignments, due dates, exam dates, and contact information for your professor is your syllabus.

At Roseman, students complete blocks- instead of taking multiple classes throughout a semester, students focus on one class for a couple of weeks, allowing them to completely master the material. You will take these courses on Canvas, where you will:

  • Read through lessons,
  • Complete corresponding interactive simulations, and
  • Listen to lectures.

Although there is extensive flexibility offered through online learning, students are expected to complete lessons by established due dates.

Once online material has been completed, students sit for exams. At Roseman, our Mastery Learning Model offers a new examination method. Students will complete individual exams, following by team exams and a review of the material by your professor. If students don’t earn a 90 percent on the material, they are able to review material and retake the exam.

Students will also be completing labs and clinical rotations throughout the 16-month ABSN program.

Your Professors and Classmates are Easily Available

It may appear that online learning leaves you disconnected from your professors and classmates. Although you won’t be attending a physical classroom, you are still able to stay engaged with your fellow nursing students and your professors.

The Canvas online learning platform allows you to chat with your classmates or professors whenever you have questions about any material you may not understand. There are also class discussions you will participate in throughout each block. This, combined with the hands-on learning of simulation labs and clinical rotations, keeps you regularly engaged with your peers and professors.

Additionally, even through your nursing courses are online, you will be living in the same area as your fellow nursing students, since you will be attending labs and clinicals in that area. This offers you the opportunity to meet with your peers to form study groups. Additionally, you will be meeting with your professors and classmates regularly for assessments, a crucial component of the Mastery Learning Model.

Online Learning is a Piece of the Puzzle

As already mentioned, students will also be completing hands-on activities in high-tech simulation labs and clinical rotations at local health care facilities alongside online courses. These hands-on portions play vital roles in your education.

During your labs, you are able to work on simulation mannikins. These responsive mannikins can simulate many medical situations which a registered nurse may need to respond to, including birth, hemorrhages, and much more. These simulation labs allow you to put your theoretical knowledge to the test in a safe learning environment with the guidance of your lab instructor and peers.

Additionally, you will be completing clinical rotations at top health care facilities. These clinicals allow you to work in a real health care environment. Your preceptor will guide you throughout clinicals, in which you will experience a clinical environment, learn how you will be expected to interact with coworkers and patients, and work on real patients.

These two aspects, combined with the online portion of the Accelerated BSN program, allow you to master fundamental nursing skills, so you can confidently start your nursing career.

The Benefits of Online Learning

There are quite a few benefits of completing your nursing classes online.

The flexibility offered through online learning covers many aspects. First of all, students and complete lessons whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. Some may find they prefer a library during the day. Others may need to complete classes at night when their children are asleep. Through the online classroom, students are able to take their nursing courses when it works for their schedule.

As mentioned above, Canvas allows students to use their learning styles to their full advantage. Traditional classrooms typically require students to use the learning style the teacher deigns appropriate, which may not meld with how you learn.

Additionally, the online learning experience means you can save time on commuting continually to a classroom multiple times a week, allowing you to spend more time studying.

If you want to learn more about what to expect from Roseman’s online-based accelerated nursing program, reach out to an advisor with any questions.

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