What Do Nursing Schools Look for in Applicants? Find out Firsthand

What do nursing schools look for in applicants

It takes a lot of research to find the right nursing program for you. That is probably how you arrived here to read this blog post. As you conduct your research to find the right fit for you, wouldn’t it be nice just to know what do nursing schools look for in applicants as well? The good news is, we have the answer for you. In fact, we went straight to the source and uncovered some very important firsthand information about what you can expect during the admissions process from someone who knows best —  Emily, an admissions advisor for Roseman University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Keep reading to find out what Emily has to say about how admissions advisors can help you achieve your goal to become a nurse — starting with your first call.

What Is an Admissions Advisor’s Role?

My role is to work with students from the very beginning and throughout the entire admissions process. I will talk to you about your goals, wants, and needs, as well as talk to you about the ins and outs of the ABSN program. This allows me to figure out if Roseman University’s accelerated nursing program is a fit for you to pursue your goals and be successful in the program.

What Is the Right Fit?

What do nursing schools look for in applicants?

The right fit. The right fit, to me, means that you have the outlook needed in order to be able to handle the intensity of an accelerated program. All of our students are aware of some aspects of what it is like to actually be a nurse so they know that it’s not going to be a walk in the park — no matter if they go to school for four years or 18 months. But it’s my job to make sure you really understand what it’s like to go through an accelerated program.

I want to make sure you are comfortable with the idea of the ABSN program being fast-paced. For example, a week in a traditional nursing school program is equal to a day at Roseman University. So I want to make sure you have the mentality to be able to handle that kind of environment.

It is also important for me to make sure the style of the program is fully understood. The ABSN program has an online component to it, which can be new and different for some. I make sure to explain what that online component is, what it means, and how it works with on-campus time for labs. I also want to make sure you have the self-discipline to handle the online work.

what to expect during your first nursing school admissions call

What to Expect During Your First Call

During our initial phone call, my goal is to get to know your wants and needs, and make sure you are informed accurately about program details, the expectations, and requirements, and make sure the program fits you and vice versa.

The top questions I am asked during the first call are usually based around the style of the program. A lot of times students have done some research, so they know the ABSN program is hybrid, but I can clarify how the online coursework combines with on-site labs and clinical rotations during the program.

I also get a lot of questions about our success rates. Wanting to know about student outcomes and the reputation of the university — it’s wonderful to have those questions because knowing this is what is important for students is really helping set them up for success. Many times that includes questions about our NCLEX pass rates. I always guide them to reference the Nevada state board website, where they can see we are consistently above 90%.

Advisor goal

What Happens Next?

Once we have our initial call, we will work on doing a transcript evaluation. I will basically look over your transcript, explain where you currently stand, and together we’ll talk through that. That conversation helps us build a plan that satisfies all the requirements. Once that is set, we move forward in the process together up until your start-term goal that we decided on as a team.

No matter where you are in the process, I will check-in, either on the phone or through email, to make sure you know your status and make sure you are on track for your goal.

The Student-Admissions Advisor Relationship

My relationship with students is very much a partnership. My goal is their goal, which is to get them started on a successful nursing career.

One experience I had with a student that really stands out is I was talking with the student, who had already been accepted into a different nursing program, and they weren’t feeling very secure about it. They actually were scheduled to fly out the next day, across the country, to start that program but they had concerns. He reached out to Roseman and we discussed his concerns and what he wanted out of a program. From our discussion, we discovered Roseman’s ABSN program was actually a better fit.

Within 24 hours he removed his acceptance to the other school and applied to our program. His story stands out to me because it shows there can be a real challenge in the search for the right school. You cannot settle and force a fit when it comes to nursing programs. I love to see he didn’t settle and took the initiative to find a better fit. It is so fulfilling to be able to have helped him find his fit here.

Advice for Potential Nursing Students

I believe that you just really have to have a focus on your goal and be willing to get whatever you’re willing to give in your education. As I said before, the nursing profession is not easy in terms of education. That’s because being a nurse means you have patients’ lives in your hands. So even though this is a fast-paced program, you should feel challenged — and that should ignite a fire in you to reach out when you need help. Don’t let your education lead you. You have to also guide it to be all you need it to be.

I also advise you to reach out — the sooner the better. There is really no way of knowing until you have the first conversation and see what it’s all about. There are a lot of details that vary program to program, so I say if you are interested, just reach out.

Don’t wait — take that first step and have the conversation. Explain your concerns and what’s on your mind so you can find the right fit and achieve that goal to become a nurse.

Are You Ready to Reach Out?

As Emily said, now is the best time to get started on your new future as a nurse through Roseman University’s ABSN program. If her answer to the question, “what do nursing schools look for in applicants?” sounds like you, contact us and learn more about our admission requirements today.

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