Can You Handle Working While in Nursing School? [Quiz]

Success as a nursing student requires dedication to your studies. However, many nursing students must continue working while in nursing school. Balancing a job and your nursing education can be difficult, but with the right job, some organization, and dedication, it can be done.

Can you handle working while in nursing school?

Find the Best Job

First, try to determine what kind of job would work best for you while earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

My ideal work environment would be:

Speak to Your Boss

If you already have a job before you start nursing school, speak to him or her about your plans. You may find she is willing to work around your schedule. Even if you have a full-time position, you may be able to go part time.

If you are looking for a new job before you start school, make sure to tell the interviewer that you are planning on being in school while working. This will allow both you and your boss to get a clear understanding of what hours are expected of you while you’re earning your BSN.

Get Organized

Whether you are working different hours or the same schedule every week, it’s important to stay organized.

Clinical Schedule

Once you know your clinical schedule, speak to your boss and let him know what days you will and will not be available. Although you may be able to switch clinical days with one of your fellow nursing students, you should prioritize your clinicals.

Available Hours

Now is also the time to figure out how many hours you are comfortable working each week. If you want or need to work as many as possible, establish a routine with your online lessons, clinicals, and simulations and fit in your hours around that.

If you prefer to work as few hours as possible but want to still bring in a good paycheck, you may have to sacrifice your weekends to work the busy shifts at a restaurant.

Good Study Habits

You should also organize your study habits to stay on top of your lessons. If you need to meet with a study group, try to set a regular time to meet with it.

how to build a nursing school support systemRely on Your Support Network

Your family, friends, and other loved ones want you to succeed as a registered nurse. Although you may be very busy balancing work and school, you should put aside time to be with your family, even if it’s just a simple meal together. They will be the ones cheering you on, and their encouragement can make a big difference in your success.

Recognize When You Need a Break

It’s okay to slow down at work. If you are feeling overwhelmed with both work and school, speak to your boss about taking a week or two off. This may be incredibly important when you are studying for exams. So long as you are open and honest with your boss throughout the process of applying to and being accepted into nursing school, she should understand where your priorities lie.

Determine Your School Workload

Before you get too far into job searching, make sure you know what will be expected of you each semester. If you aren’t sure about what your classes will be like, speak to your admissions advisor, who can provide details on your classes, clinicals, and simulation labs.

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