Become a Nurse in Just 2 Years – No Bachelor’s Required!

You know you’re ready for nursing school but are stressed about applying? Don’t let the unknowns get you down – get the information you need to achieve your nursing dream.

roseman-admissions-checklistHaving the passion to become a nurse is crucial, but getting there can be frustrating and confusing. Things like figuring out GPA requirements and financing can be stressful. Get the help you need, starting with this step-by-step guide on how to get into an accredited nursing program.

In The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist, you get important information that includes:

  • Why your GPA is only part of your application process
  • How you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to get into a nursing program
  • Why you should consider nursing programs with hospital partnerships
  • How to get your nursing degree in less than 18 months of professional nursing study*
  • When, where, and how to start your nursing school journey

You’ve dreamed it – now live it! It’s time to start thinking of yourself as a future nurse. Download The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist now and get started.

*Less than 18 months of professional nursing curriculum assumes completion of nursing prerequisite courses.