Our Campuses Near Las Vegas and Salt Lake City

Our two campuses, each one offering four accelerated BSN program starts a year, allow us to accept a high number of qualified students into our College of Nursing annually. So, if you’re stuck waiting to get into nursing school, one of these campuses can help get you moving on your education.

Two Locations, One Purpose

While our two accelerated BSN campuses reside in very different locations, each one exists to provide an accelerated path to nursing and beyond. Accelerated BSN students who are part of the hybrid, online learning modality option, go to the campus affiliated with their program to take proctored exams, participate in nursing skills labs, and complete nursing simulation labs under the guidance of faculty. Nursing students that are a part of the on-campus learning modality accelerated BSN option, attend class, take exams participate in nursing skills labs and complete nursing simulation labs on campus under the guidance of faculty

Nevada Campus

Students enrolled in our Nevada-based accelerated BSN program complete their nursing skills and simulation labs at our Henderson campus near Las Vegas. Unique to this location is a special VBSN admissions pathway for military veterans who want to transition into nursing.

Nevada Accelerated BSN Campus:
4 Sunset Way, Building E
Henderson, Nevada 89014

Utah Campus

Students enrolled in our Utah-based accelerated BSN program complete their nursing skills and simulation labs at our South Jordan campus near Salt Lake City. Because the campus resides in a Nurse Licensure Compact state, accelerated BSN graduates who have a primary residence in Utah can secure multistate licensure and practice nursing in any of the NLC states without having to complete or pay for additional licensure applications.

Utah Accelerated BSN Campus:
10920 South River Front Parkway
South Jordan, Utah 84095

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