National Nursing Shortage

Nurses are in high demand and have been for several years now. While a visit to the American Nurses Association website can fill you in on several important nursing shortage statistics, there are several factors contributing to this healthcare talent shortfall, from aging baby boomers requiring more medical services to an increased number of individuals suffering from chronic health conditions.

Healthcare providers are also contributing to the demand by relying on nurses to help close the nation’s primary care gap that is due, in part, to a growing and aging population. According to a 2012 article in H&HN magazine, when nurses have more responsibility for patient care management and a louder voice in workflow design, not only does public health improve, the entire healthcare system becomes leaner and more effective.

Accelerated BSN programs help close the nursing shortage gap by putting qualified students on the fast track to become a registered nurse. In fact, we launched our South Jordan accelerated BSN campus in 2015 to help address the nursing shortage and population growth in Southern Utah.

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