The ABSN Admissions Process

Once an admissions advisor has verified your eligibility for the ABSN program in Nevada or Utah, you can begin the process of applying to our College of Nursing. We recommend speaking with an admissions advisor prior to starting the application process as there are several steps and levels of documentation involved.

Key Steps of Admissions

Working exclusively with ABSN students, our admissions advisors know the ins and outs of the program and are committed to your success. They will help you create a pre-enrollment plan targeted toward a program start date in February, June, August or October. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect during the ABSN admissions process.

  1. Confirm your eligibility for the ABSN program
  2. Order your official transcripts from the college(s) you attended
  3. Complete the Test of Academic Skills (TEAS) within our requirements
  4. Complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) within our requirements, if applicable
  5. Schedule an evaluation of coursework completed outside of the United States, if applicable
  6. Complete the ABSN prerequisites within our requirements
  7. Submit your application through NursingCAS and pay the associated fees
  8. Complete an in-person interview with our Admissions Committee, if granted
  9. Complete a writing sample on a subject or question provided by the Admissions Committee
  10. Receive an admissions decision shortly after your in-person interview

Application Fee

Our ABSN program application fee is $85 and involves two separate charges, with $45 going to NursingCAS and $40 going to our university. You must pay for both charges before we can process your application. The Nursing CAS payment is collected through the online portal, while payment for our fee can be submitted online, in person, or by mail. We’ll notify you via email upon receipt of your application and payment.

Official Transcripts

While you may submit unofficial academic transcripts with your application, we must receive your official transcripts before scheduling an in-person admissions interview with our College of Nursing. Official transcripts must be sent directly to our university from the issuing post-secondary institution.

TEAS Scores

Applicants who have not taken the ATI TEAS to test their academic preparedness have the opportunity to complete the exam at our Henderson, Nevada, or South Jordan, Utah campus. Those who have completed the TEAS within the past 12 months must order their official test scores from the ATI website and have them submitted directly to our university.

TOEFL Scores (if applicable)

Applicants must take the TOEFL if they attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States and did not earn a grade of “B” or higher in English Composition. The same testing applies to those who have not completed a year-long series of English Composition courses. Prospective ABSN students who are required to complete the TOEFL must do so using university code 446.3. Test scores must be sent directly to our university from ETS, the company that administers the TOEFL.

Foreign Coursework Evaluation (if applicable)

Applicants with credits from post-secondary schools outside of the United States must submit transcript evaluations from either World Education Services or Josef Silny and Associates. These course-by-course evaluations must be sent directly to our university from one of these services.

Other Documentation (if applicable)

There are situations where individuals must include additional documentation with their ABSN program application. Because we accept applications from qualified international students, much of this documentation has to do with Immigration and Naturalization rules and regulations.

  • Students who have changed their names must submit appropriate documentation.
  • International students must submit copies of their international student visas.
  • Permanent resident aliens must submit copies of their permanent resident cards.
  • Applicants with conditional entrance into the United States must submit copies of their non-student visas, unexpired passports or appropriate Department of Homeland Security documentation.

Applicant Selection

Once you’ve completed the admissions interview, our Admissions Committee will review your past academic achievements in conjunction with your TEAS, interview, and writing sample scores. Admissions decisions are usually made shortly after each student interview. However, the committee may choose to put your decision “on hold” until all applicant interviews are complete.

Acceptance Requirements

Once accepted into the ABSN program, you will receive an admissions packet that must be completed and returned to our College of Nursing along with a $250 seating deposit. Failure to complete these tasks as requested will delay your enrollment in the program.

Material Submission

Your official academic transcripts, preadmission test scores, and transcript evaluations (if applicable) must be sent directly to our College of Nursing in a sealed envelope from the issuing parties. We do not accept documents mailed or handed in directly by students.

Depending on the ABSN program you’re applying to, your official documents should be sent to our Nevada or Utah campus, respectively.

Roseman University – College of Nursing
Admissions & Enrollment Office
11 Sunset Way
Henderson, Nevada 89014

Roseman University – College of Nursing
Admissions & Enrollment Office
10920 River Front Parkway
South Jordan, Utah 84095

Contact us to learn more about our ABSN admissions process.