ABSN Curriculum Overview

During our full-time, accelerated nursing program, you’ll complete a rigorous blend of either on-campus or online coursework, hands-on labs, and clinical rotations in less than 18 months. We organize the ABSN curriculum into 15 content areas, or blocks, that start with nursing fundamentals and progress into your senior seminar in nursing.

Block System

Rather than organizing our ABSN curriculum into semesters or quarters, we follow a “block system” that allows you to learn, apply, and master one area of nursing content at a time. Within each block, you’ll cover topics that support the content area. These topics include pathophysiology, nutrition, pharmacology, ethics, and culture. Blocks are between two and eight weeks in length, and once you master a block, you’ll apply what you learned in all subsequent blocks.

Remediation Efforts

We require you to pass a series of assessments related to each block before you can progress in the program. When students do not pass an assessment, they must remediate that portion of the curriculum at a pre-designated reassessment time.

ABSN Curriculum by Block




Block 1NURS 300Introduction to the Profession
Block 2NURS 301Health Assessment (Lab)
Block 3NURS 302 & 302.1Fundamentals of Nursing & Clinical
Block 4NURS 303Nursing Pharmacology
Block 5NURS 304 & 304.1Adult Health Nursing I & Clinical
Block 6NURS 305Nursing Theories, Practice and Issues
Block 7NURS 401Nursing Research
Block 8NURS 402 & 402.1Maternal Newborn Nursing & Clinical
Block 9NURS 403 & 403.1Pediatric Nursing & Clinical
Block 10NURS 306 & 306.1Adult Health Nursing II & Clinical
Block 11NURS 402 & 402.1Community and Mental Health Nursing & Clinical
Block 12NURS 410Care of the Older Adult
Block 13NURS 406Leadership
Block 14NURS 407Senior Practicum
Block 15NURS 408Senior Seminar

Contact us to learn more about our ABSN curriculum. You can also read the full course descriptions in the course catalog.